At Property Connected, we know what buyers want.  We are also specialists in giving buyers and sellers options to get them the best deal.

Win – Win selling is more than possible, it’s the solution.  Here’s a quick guide to your options as a seller.

We give your buyer 110% support throughout the process.  We are there to sort out any niggles 7 days a week up to 10pm at night and also have systems to keep the mortgage advisors and solicitors working efficiently.  

This extra support that we give is something that buyers need and is not just a bonus, it’s an absolute must for getting a sale through to completion.

We give your buyer the support they need, so you get the sale that you want.  

We started working with incentives for buyers back in 2016.  We worked closely with developers and realised that developers had been using this strategy for years to make it easier for buyers to buy for the right price.

Incentives work by allowing the buyers to benefit from the seller bring a little extra to the table.  A little cash back, or a little help with their deposit ensures that the sale is achieved at the price you want, with a win-win outcome for both buyer and seller.

Flexibility gives the buyer what they need, so that they can pay the price that you want.

Flexibility really depends on the type of property deal that we are looking at but could include giving flexibility on completion dates, giving flexibility on.

In 2020, we envisage that buyers AND sellers may need some flexibility and so we are here to talk about the options.  

We have a few different strategies that you can use, but renting to sell is the ultimate flexible way to sell, please see our Renting to Sell page to read more about how this could help you.

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