Rent to Buy.

Rent To Buy.

Rent to buy does what it says on the tin.  You rent your home, then buy it in an agreed timeframe.

The way it works depends on the flexibility that the seller is willing to give, with the flexibility that you need.

A rent to buy deal will usually involve a down payment.  This provides the seller with the security that you are a committed buyer.  The downpayment amount is usually a lot lower that the deposit you would need to buy, but forms part of the asking price, so the price to agree to pay on day one, is the price you pay when you buy, minus your down payment.

Then we agree a monthly payment.  On some purchase this will be a “rent only” payment, normally making the monthly payments lower, some deals have a part rent/part credit split.  These types of payments are usually higher but you would be making a payment towards the asking price every month, as a credit towards the purchase price at the end.  This isn’t a payment plan as such, it’s a higher rent payment, to have a lower purchase price. 

If you’d like to speak to us about how this can work for you, please fill out our Rent To Buy registry form, so we can see exactly what you are looking for.

If you’d like to see case studies of rent to buy deals, please sign up below and we’ll email them to you!

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